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Your First Visit to Our Practice

New patient filling out paperwork

When you first arrive there will be some brief paperwork to complete.

You will be greeted by our friendly staff and asked to sign in.

We will escort you to a seat where we can discuss your health history and fill out the required forms.

The doctor will then join you to evaluate your condition with a physical and neurological examination.

Directly following your examination, we will complete your radiographs (those are x-rays). If you have any recent MRIs, x-rays, and medical records, we encourage you to bring them.

This visit is a great opportunity for us to meet you and to discover the best way for us to help you achieve your optimal health.

Take a look to see what you can expect during your second visit.

Dr. Melvin Aldridge, Dr. Chess Miles, and Dr. Alexandra Aldridge
Pasadena Chiropractors | (281) 991-7676

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