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The Chiropractors of PROHEALTH in Pasadena

Pasadena Chiropractors, Dr. Chess Miles and Dr. Melvin Aldridge

Pasadena Chiropractors, Dr. Chess Miles and Dr. Melvin Aldridge

Dr. Melvin Aldridge

Restoring The Health Of Patients With Chiropractic

I have been in practice in Pasadena for over 37 years. Everyday, I have the opportunity to help restore the health of my patients and I feel privileged to do so.

Family Life

While away from my practice, my wife and I spend time at our ranch in central Texas. I have two wonderful children. My oldest, Jonathan, is 31 and is a great photographer. Jon has a passion for cars and photographs
them beautifully. If you are one of those that want to have a great picture of your special car, give us a call and we can give that to Jonathan, or you can check out his website: Jonathan Aldridge Photography. He is the proud father of a doberman, Indy, and is often seen with him biking! My daughter, Alexandra, is 29 and practicing
chiropractic in Portland, OR. She is a very dedicated and well organized student. I am very excited that she has chosen my wonderful profession. We love being together as often as we can.

When the kids need an adjustment they come by the house, or swing by the office. I feel great knowing that I am able to help them achieve their optimal health. I maintain my health with regular adjustments, taking my
supplements, and staying active. Chiropractic is a way of life for people of all ages. I look forward to talking with you and discovering how I can be of service to you. Please feel free to call or e-mail me here at the office. I will be happy to answer your questions and help you take your first step towards better health.
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Dr. Chess Miles

A Chiropractic Education

I attended Texas Chiropractic College, my dad’s Alma Mater, and received my license to begin practicing immediately. I had the joy of working alongside my father for many years. I have been practicing for 39 years
now and I am still in awe of this profession and the many different ways that it has improved peoples lives. read more>>

Dr. Melvin Aldridge & Dr. Chess Miles
Pasadena Chiropractors | (281) 991-7676

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